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Exploring the island

Sardinia makes it easy to enjoy the dolce far niente lifestyle on the beach – but it also has unforgettable excursions to fabulous swimming coves, sites of cultural and historic significance and the fascinating landscapes of the island's interior.

We organise guided tours to various attractions in the area. And if you'd rather check things out on your own, we can arrange the perfect hire car for you.


At the foot of the 806 m Monte Tuttavista lies the traditional Sardinian village of Orosei. The small Piazza del Popolo in the village centre, where the parish church of San Giacomo (18th century) and the Santa Croce chapel are located, is a delightful destination.


15-minute drive south of Tirreno Resort.



Parco Naturale Biderrosa

With its idyllic coves, white beaches and reforested woods, this nature reserve is a daydreamer's paradise. The park service allows no more than 80 cars a day.

15-minute drive north of Tirreno Resort.

Famous Bue Marino grotto at Cala Gonone

The grotto takes its name from the shy monk seals that used to live here. Some of the rock paintings suggest that the grotto was probably used as a place for rituals as early as in the New Stone Age. You can visit the grotto by taking a 20-minute boat trip from Cala Gonone. On your guided tour, you’ll be astounded by how unimaginably high some parts of the cave are.

(45 minutes’ drive south of the Tirreno Resort)



This village in the craggy Supramonte mountain range is well known for its history of banditry and murals. The murales, or “speaking walls”, are generally expressions of protest against the Italian state, corruption, the suppression of democracy and social ills. Other images depict the simple life of shepherds and the village, advocate preservation of the Sardinian language or even display advertising.

1-hour drive west of Tirreno Resort.

Costa Smeralda


The famous Costa Smeralda in the island's north-east represents an organised and stylised Sardinia largely unrelated to the day-to-day reality of the island. Prince Karim Aga Khan converted 5,000 ha of meadowland into an architecturally impressive world of glamour for the international jetset. The name of this section of coastline with its awesome panoramic views comes from the emerald-green waters.

The most famous town is Porto Cervo with large parks, a charming piazza and luxury marina.

1½-hour drive north of Tirreno Resort.



Hire car

Do you prefer to be flexible and independent? A hire car offers maximum freedom. Whether you want a small, manoeuvrable car, a mid-sized car for the whole family or a comfortable van, we can get you the vehicle you need at the best price.

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